Guess what? No cookies here! 🍪 Yep, you heard that right. In the land of endless data tracking, I’m taking a break. I spend a couple of hours to remove the last tracking cookie. (I triple checked, so if you can find one somehow, please let me know and I will hunt it down! I might even buy you a cookie over a coffee!)

Now … let’s dive into the “why” behind this cookie-less, ad-free magic.

The Allure of Authenticity

I write to have a conversation, to share my views and what I learned. Ok, it is a bit one-sided, however while I, selfishly, get to share my point of view and you have no way to respond other than emailing me, I’m also not forcing you to read it.

I love to read and I love to research. These days however it is more and more rare to find these golden nuggets where someone just writes … about their life, their experiences … most of the web is full of attention grabbing headlines. Websites with click baits, trying to grab our attention, just to hide the content we want to read behind layers of popups and ads. Tracking every little click we do …

... so at a time when every corner of the web is loaded with sneaky trackers, I’m taking it the other way.

Keeping It Real Over Revenue

Digital ads are the bread and butter for many sites. But, having your readers felt bombarded with that “buy me” energy? It's a bit much. When you know there's no ad agenda, no funnel to fall into, content feels, well, purer. Like chatting with you over coffee, not selling you the brew.

I don’t have ads to show, so I will not optimise this site based on what people do. There is no need for me to track you. I’m not sharing your data with anyone or placing ads. This site is a hobby of mine, I pay for it with my own money, so you don’t have to pay for it with your data. Feel free to hang out, read my stuff or don’t, it’s ok!

By going ad-free, I’m doubling down on genuine content without the side of sell.

So please enjoy uninterrupted, (hopefully) quality content.

User First, Always

Here is the gist: This space? It's all about us having a conversation. Me sharing my thoughts and experiences and you having time to read and think. The focus for this site? Crafting a playground where you're the VIP, not an algorithm.

So by scrapping cookies, I trust that if you care about what I share, you'll come back not because of sneaky retargeting, but 'cause you genuinely get value out of my content.

I want our connection to feel like those epic, unscripted chats you have at 2 a.m. or over a long walk with a friend. Authentic. Raw. Real.

My dream is to get back to the web we used to have. A web where trust isn't built on data crumbs, but genuine love for content.

Remember the joy of discovering a hidden cafe, not through ads, but genuine word of mouth? That’s what I’m channeling!


Ditching cookies and ads isn't just a tech decision; it’s a love letter to you. In this chaotic, digital world, let’s cherish the untouched spaces, where content is king and connection is heart.

Your Moves:

  1. Relish in the ad-free, cookie-less magic.
  2. Share the joy; let others in on this genuine experience. It would mean the world to me finding more people that like my 'stuff'.
  3. Share your thoughts and continue the conversation by hitting reply on my newsletter.

Until next time,


Last Update: August 20, 2023