I love Tiago Forte’s book ‘Building a Second Brain’. Together with ‘How to take smart notes’ by Soenke Ahrens, it is my top tip for digital and handwritten note taking and specifically using notes in an efficient way.

‘Building a Second Brain’ provides a framework for using technology to enhance personal productivity as well as creativity. It encouraged me to think of the digital tools I’m using as well as my notebooks, as an extension of my minds. It explains how to use them to capture and organise my thoughts, ideas, and knowledge.

Forte introduces the concept of a ‘second brain’, as a digital system to store and organise information. It is always a challenge to combine both, handwritten notes, sticky notes with emails, links, saved articles and digital notes.

The book covers a range of topics, and it specifically got me into using Obsidian which I’ve fallen in love with and use as my own second brain.

Forte also discusses how important it is to develop a consistent system to store and access information.

To sum it up: ‘Building a Second Brain’ is a useful and practical guide on how to use technology to improve productivity and creativity. I can recommend it to anyone looking to better manage their thoughts, notes and ideas using technology.

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Last Update: October 29, 2023