The balancing act of authenticity and visibility

I've been writing almost daily for the past couple of weeks.

During this time, I have tried to consume less than I produce. This relates to time invested; if I spend one hour writing, I have earned 30 minutes of content consumption.

This had a big impact on my creativity and rate of content production, and I've become more picky about what I consume. I will read more instead of scrolling through TikTok or Instagram. It has also made me aware of the games some people play in the chase for attention.

When I think back to the early days of the Internet and compare it to now, I can't help but notice a lack of creativity and a tendency to play games with the algorithms.

Become visible

While it is necessary to filter and serve the right content to the right audience, the challenge is not only with the power the algorithms get through their selection. It is how they influence the creators.

Creators even mention 'the algorithm', like it is their new god.

It is a powerful, invisible force that dictates what gets to live and what is damned to die.

When we create with the purpose to pleasing the mighty algorithm, we forget to talk to the reader.

The creative dilemma

When content gets too algorithm-friendly and engagement is valued higher than authenticity, quality starts to lack.

Creativity gets blocked in the search for the perfect headline, the right click-bait, and virality.

The next step is to use generative AI not to help think but to help climb the algorithm charts.

The echo chamber

When we try to please the algorithm, we are successful when we divide.

We win when we enrage.

This leads us away from our humanity and creates echo chambers and algorithmic biases.

Then this is fed to large language models/generative AI ... and these are used to create more content.

Let's all change the narrative!

Our Action Items:

1. Create with authenticity: Don't compromise on quality or authenticity; be creative!

2. Seek diverse perspectives: Mitigate the risk of algorithmic bias by engaging with a diverse range of content and audiences.

3. Advocate for transparency and fairness: Write about transparency and fair algorithmic practices!

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Last Update: January 04, 2024