The unseen light that sparks it all

After I had moved my website to its current location, I set up a newsletter.

Of course, I didn't write it, I had no readers!

All I did was upload my old articles that I deemed worthy from my old site. The new site had a newsletter function, and I didn't think anything of it.

And then it happened.

In a conversation I mentioned that I had written about the topic and one thing led to another, and somehow I had my first subscriber!

I had my first reader. My first follower.

Then panic set in.

The Role of my first Reader

Now that there was someone that cared, I had to write my newsletter.

And so I did.

It even got opened, read, a link was clicked.

That was the start.

The spark my first reader lit, still keeps me accountable today. It grew into a flame. Now I write every day. I found my passion.

From Solitary to Movement

When I think about that first reader, it reminds me of the clip below.

I invite you to watch it, even if you already know it. Think about how it translates to writing.

It always rekindles my passion for not just leading, but more importantly, following.

If you see someone that inspires you, follow them.

Empower them. Embody their traits.

Amplify and spread their vision.

You never know what movement you will start by being the first to follow.

Be the first to read, clap and comment.

Your Action Items:

  1. Recognise the value of your first follower: Start something new and embrace your first follower. Use her to keep you accountable.
  2. Engage and collaborate: Encourage a culture where following is seen as a form of leadership.
  3. Learn to be a first follower: Be someone's first follower and amplify others' visions and ideas.

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Last Update: December 12, 2023