From misdirection to pivot, come along for the write

I got it all wrong! My writing niche that is.

As you probably guess from the name of my website (, I love productivity. When I got the domain name, I was thinking of all the people I regularity talk to about that topic and who I want to reach.

I thought, I want to reach the younger version of myself. Makes sense right? I wish I had the resources and knowledge when I was younger.

So the logic conclusion was that my writing niche and main focus of my site is productivity tools and techniques for developers/techies like me!

In essence, to find my niche, I followed advice and messed it all up.

How wrong I was! That is not what I do. That is not me. This is not the magic I bring.

How I recognised I'm on the wrong path

I noticed something doesn't feel right. Something was off. I enjoy writing about it, talking about, sharing my thoughts and tools and techniques.

Others find it valuable. They try and successfully implement my advice.

But … they are not developers or engineers! The majority isn't.

So the whole concept doesn't flow like it should.

I had the pieces, and they made sense, but there was something missing.

I was misdirected.

Then it hit me!

I found the missing link!

I saw the pattern.

The writing was not for developers and engineers, it was about them!

How we think. How we create. How we test. How we optimise. How we fix bugs.

That is the magic behind my productivity.

The art of the pivot

Suddenly everything clicked. Made sense. Fell into place.

Now ... what do builders (technical builders aka developers) do when they are going the wrong direction?

We pivot.

This is what I will do. I can see the whole picture. How it now all makes sense. Where I have to head to.

My strategy to get back on track

All I have to do now is to pivot, change direction, adjust some things and go full speed ahead. Towards the right destination.

The journey ahead is exciting! It is a new territory waiting for me to be explored.

While I am on the road, I will take the scenic route, get lost and play.

It might not lead me to the ultimate destination. But that doesn't matter.

It is on the way.

In the end, the journey is the destination.

You are welcome to join and follow me along.

My Action Items:

  1. Conduct a Writing Audit: Review my past work and what excites me. Identify a pattern and write about it. (You are reading it right now! That was this post)
  2. Experiment and Explore: Write about the new destination. Do a few sprints. Try it out. Develop, test, explore and if needed pivot again.
  3. Gather Feedback and Reflect: Look at the data and analyse.

Last Update: December 13, 2023