Once upon a time, taking notes was a task that was bound to the physical realm. I carried around hefty notebooks, pens that would run out of ink at the most inconvenient times, and highlighters of every colour imaginable. While I love shopping for stationary, I was always in a constant cycle of buying, using, and disposing of these items. However, this all changed with the advent of e-ink technology, which breathed new life into the art of note-taking.

These days I have 3 different e- ink devices and am a huge fan of all of them. Yes of course you can write on an iPad as well, but it is not the same feeling. And yes … I am using a paper like screen protector and yes I tried different types of pens and tips. It just is not the same.

There are different e-ink devices I have tried but I always come back to my Remarkable 2. I tried the Boox devices as well. With Boox, I hate how the writing gets smoothed out after you write. It just breaks the flow and I never got used to it. However there is a drawback with the remarkable. and no, it's not the monthly subscription. (I have a lifetime subscription!) it is the size! While I really like it for some type of note taking, I am not really happy carrying it around with me in meetings. I already have to carry a laptop... The remarkable nearly has the size of another laptop. So I have now ordered a super note A6A! I'm very excited and can't wait to get my hands on it. I plan to use it as bullet journal and main daily note taking device. My remarkable and it's keyboard cover will probably then be reserved for long blog post type of writing sessions. I love real notebooks and fountain pens, but I realise more and more the drawbacks.

If I am at the office for example, I don't want to leave my personal note book around for anyone to take a look at my private or confidential notes. If I am at a customer or somewhere else I also don't want anyone to look at my notes of other customers ... a pin protected e- ink device is just really cool in that aspect. But let’s take a step back and start with the essentials first!

What is an E-Ink device?

E-Ink, short for electronic ink, is a type of display technology that imitates the appearance of regular ink on paper. Unlike traditional screens that emit light, e-ink displays reflect light, making them more akin to a physical page. This crucial distinction is what gives e-ink devices their eye-friendly nature and exceptional battery life.

One of the most popular uses of e-ink technology in recent years is in the realm of digital note-taking. Devices like the Remarkable 2, the BOOX tablets, and the SuperNote have revolutionised the way we record and interact with our thoughts, tasks, and information. These digital note-taking devices have not only made the process more efficient but have also had a profound impact on productivity.

Speaking from personal experience, the Remarkable 2 has been a game-changer in my note-taking routine. Its sleek design, E Ink display, and a range of note-taking features have transformed my approach to organising my thoughts and tasks1. Remarkable 2 uses e-paper technology to create a writing and reading experience that closely mirrors pen and paper. With a 10.3-inch CANVAS display and a digital pen called the Marker, it offers an authentic writing experience. The tablet is strictly designed for writing, reading, and document management, steering clear of distractions like a web browser, app store, or email functionality. This focus on the core tasks enhances productivity by eliminating distractions and keeping you centred on your work.

Writing on the Remarkable 2 is an exceptional experience. The tablet's display offers a paper-like feel, providing just the right amount of resistance and sound, making writing with the Marker a pleasurable activity. The latency is fast, creating a smooth writing experience. With a variety of pen styles, paper styles, and templates to choose from, the Remarkable 2 offers a highly customisable experience. One of my favourite aspects is the Marker. Sliding it across the display creates the perfect amount of friction and sound, giving an addictive writing experience that feels close to writing on paper.

The Remarkable 2 is also an excellent device for reading, with a display reminiscent of a Kindle. Its lightweight, sleek design makes it comfortable to hold, and the ultra-thin profile makes it easy to carry around. The 10.3 inch E Ink Carta display, optimised for handwriting input, gives an ultra-smooth writing experience with just the right amount of friction and sound. Plus, the display is highly responsive to touch, providing a natural writing sensation1.

I've just started to dig into my SuperNote A6X, and I'm excited to share my experiences with these devices in the future.

In conclusion, using e-ink devices for digital note-taking has revolutionised the way I capture and interact with my thoughts and tasks. These devices offer a unique blend of the physical and digital realms, providing the tactile pleasure of writing on paper with the convenience and efficiency of digital technology. They are a testament to how technology can enhance our productivity and make our lives more organised and manageable.

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Last Update: December 02, 2023