I started to play the piano when I was around 6 years old. I played every day. Frequently I played for more than 1 hour.

Over the years, the pieces got more and more difficult. It took up to 6 months to really master one.

To be able to play a piece by heart, really express my emotions while playing, was hard work.


When you really know to play a piece, it feels like you are flying. There are no thoughts, no hesitation. Just pure joy. Flow. There is a certain lightness and playfulness. At that moment, you also can't stop and think, you can only exist and get carried away by the music.

To get to that point, takes time, practice, sweat and sometimes pain and frustration.

Hard Work

Every day, when I started to play, I had to do my finger exercises. These were annoying! Then, I had to play pieces that reinforced my mechanical skills. Only after that, I got to work on the current piece.

And work it was! Sometimes excruciatingly slow.

You see, the better you get, the harder it gets. The process involves getting your brain and fingers to remember difficult positions, transitions and practising it over and over again.

You must really love the craft.


Once I was done with that part, I got to play for fun. Improvise, play whatever I wanted. That was my treat.

These days, I play for fun. I visit some of the old pieces. Delight in what my fingers remember. I marvel at the music my fingers play.

While I am tempted to work on a new difficult piece, I'm aware I don't want to spend the time.

Today I play to please my soul.

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Last Update: January 02, 2024