I was at primary school in the 80s.

During holidays I went to visit my cousin who lived in the countryside in Germany.

He was the first person to introduce me to vide games. He had a C64. It could be loaded with games and I spent days glued to the old TV screen it was hooked up to. It was so exciting.

I particularly fell in love with a game that consisted of a mix of different micro games. You could earn money by playing these and then spend it on building a themepark with rollercoasters.

You had different mini games like putting things on the conveyor belt in the right order and so on. This is how you earned money to then buy more rollercoasters for the themepark.

I spend so much time on it. I loved it. There were other games, but this is the one I still remember fondly.

We did other things. He loved to go fishing and I tagged along, but playing games on the C64 was the highlight.

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Last Update: December 22, 2023