Discover a path to enhanced awareness and inner peace without mediation

Being more mindful is one of my long-term goals. To help me be more mindful, I have made several attempts at establishing a meditation practice. I’ve used apps successfully for a few months a couple of times, but they never ‘clicked’ with me.

I’ve also been journaling in one way or another for my whole life. At some point during my journaling session, I realised that I’m more mindful and calm when meditating.

While I journal or doodle in my journals, I feel present and in a state of flow.

I’m wondering if and how my journaling practice is related to mindfulness.

The Essence of Mindfulness in Journaling

When I journal, I focus on the present moment. I reflect on my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This isn’t an active pursuit of finding these thoughts and feelings; it is rather a listening exercise.

I listen, I observe, and then I document without judgement.

This is similar to meditation. During meditation, you focus on your breath as an example; while journaling, I focus on the page.

Journal for Self-Reflection and Clarity

It also impacts my mindfulness during the day.

This year, I started to write down what I’m grateful for. During the day, this leads to me being more aware of moments I can be grateful for.

It is a simple thing. A warm cup of tea, my cat coming for a visit, a break sitting outside in the sun. (Double points for doing that with a warm cuppa!)

If I did not write down what I’m grateful for, I would not be mindful and aware of these moments. They would just slip away.

I also journal in the evening. Just a few sentences in my 5-year journal. It helps me reflect on the day that just passed. I gain clarity on what I want to adjust.

How to Integrate Mindfulness into Your Journaling Routing

There are many ways to integrate mindfulness into your journaling routine, and it all depends on what you are currently doing.

Starting to document what you are grateful for is one way. Writing morning pages is another.

You can document, during or at the end of the day, your thoughts, feelings, or what happened. Just set yourself a reminder, and once the alarm goes off, write down what you were just thinking.

Your Action Items:

  1. Start with Intention: Begin each journaling session with a focus on the present moment and document what you feel and what you think.
  2. Ignore your inner critic: Write down what you think and feel without criticising yourself.
  3. Reflect Regularly: Journal to reflect and use it as a tool to stay grounded.

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Last Update: December 07, 2023