"Write like nobody's watching"— is my mantra for unbridled creativity. We've often heard "dance like nobody's watching," encouraging us to be uninhibited in our self-expression. 

I want to try and apply this liberating concept to writing, especially when in public. I've been practising to shut off my inner critic every morning when journaling. It allows me to unlock a realm where words flow freely, unencumbered by the worry of judgement or criticism. 

Let's dive into how this mindset can transform our writing experience and let our authentic voice echo across the pages. 

1. Dancing with Words

The parallel between dancing and writing is striking. A dancer surrendered to the rhythm, oblivious to the onlookers, mirrors a writer immersed in the world of their creation. Adopting a 'dance like nobody's watching' approach to writing allows us to fearlessly traverse the landscape of our imagination. It reminds me of playing the piano. There is a point when one can just play, free of all worries and concerns. It is what a dancer must feel when expressing themselves. This is how I want to write. I want my words to flow effortlessly, unrestricted by any limitations or constraints. I can't dance and I'm in no way fluent enough with my writing, but I at least can aspire to it.

2. Shattering the Shackles of Self-Consciousness

Writing in public can sometimes be daunting, often invoking the fear of scrutiny. But remember, the best dancers are those who dance for the joy of it, not for the audience. Similarly, compelling writers are those who write for themselves first, uninhibited by the world. When I write like nobody's watching, I dismantle these walls of self-consciousness, liberating my creativity. By embracing this mindset, I allow my thoughts and ideas to flow freely onto the page without the burden of judgement. This freedom opens up a world of possibilities and allows me to truly express myself in my writing. While I'm conscious that it might not be anything 'wise', at least I'm free.

3. Unleashing Authenticity

Authenticity strikes a chord, always. Writing like nobody's watching paves the way for a narrative that's truly my own. It not only deepens my connection with anyone who might read my words but also makes the writing process a joyous journey. After all, my words are my dance, my music, and my play, reflecting my unique rhythm and style.

4. Tips to Embrace This Mindset

To truly cultivate this 'write like nobody's watching' spirit, I created several habits. I write three pages in the morning that no one will ever read. I remind myself that my initial drafts are exclusively for me. It's okay to stumble, to write imperfect sentences, and to toy with unconventional ideas. This stage isn't about polishing; it's about unabashed exploration of thoughts that may never see the light of day.

5. It takes practise.

The more I embrace this process, the easier it becomes to let go of self-judgement and fully immerse myself in the creative flow. With each day of practice, I find myself becoming more comfortable with the idea of writing freely and without inhibition. Like playing the piano or practicing dance movements, initially it might feel, sound, or look awkward, but eventually it becomes natural and effortless. 


Like dance, writing is a profound form of self-expression. Embracing the 'write like nobody's watching' mantra encourages authenticity, breaks down barriers of self-consciousness, and makes writing a truly fulfilling endeavour. So, next time you're about to write, maybe you want to try and allow your words to dance freely. Write like nobody's watching, and watch your unique voice enchant your readers.

Thanks for reading!


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Last Update: October 29, 2023